Who is Uchoose anyway?

Uchoose started in 2015, when two Industry leaders saw the need to offer a comparison service that showed no fear or favour to retailers. Built on a value of honesty, Uchoose receives exactly the same amount from each of its panel retailers for a sale. That way it is free to present to you the offers it has available within your area and you can freely choose which one suits you.

Through the years, Uchoose has helped thousands of Australian business and residential customers find a better energy deal. Our services are offered for free to consumers and small business owners. After a short consultation over the phone, you can choose between alternative providers or stay where you are. Either way, we have demystified your bill. For many, we have identified the “loyalty tax” they have been paying by being on default offers. We pride ourselves on offering free independent advice and assisting customers through the switch process.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions
Is there any cost?
No. Uchoose provides the comparison service at no charge to you. Uchoose does receive a commission from our panel of retailers should you agree to switch providers.