Are you not quite sure what gas and electricity comparison is all about? Do you want to know how it can benefit your budget? Do you want information on what’s involved in switching gas and electricity providers?
Here we answer the common questions for people looking at comparing or changing their energy supplier and how to go about it. 

Compare gas and electricity providers with Uchoose

Being experts in the Australian energy industry, we have the knowledge to help you find a better deal for your gas and electricity. We do things a little differently and can guide you to a solution tailored for you individually. 
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Help to choose electricity providers

Why compare electricity and gas providers?

With the introduction of full retail competition and more recently energy price deregulation across the states of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the ACT, customers can choose their electricity and gas providers based on the services and offers they have available in each state. This now means retailers compete for your business with new offers all the time, so it’s important to make sure you’re on the best offer for your needs.

How do I compare electricity rates and switch?

calculate electricity costs

Electricity comparison is made easy for you by taking the legwork out of shopping around for various offers, and the hard work out of making sense of the various electricity rates and offers that are on the market.

We are positively easy to use, just follow these 4 simple steps: 

  1. Complete the 1 minute Uchoose Quick start telling us what you want in an offer,
  2. We’ll search for the top 2 or 3 offers for you we have available based on what you’ve told us using our custom designed Uchoose application,
  3. Then you choose the best offer available for YOU or contact us if you would like to talk with someone first,
  4. Fill out the details, read and agree to the terms and conditions and hit the signup button.
From there Uchoose does the rest and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way to you becoming a customer of your newly chosen gas and electricity provider.

Please note: We want to be up front with you from the start and let you know that whilst Uchoose gives you the power to choose by providing you the broadest range we can and make switching positively easy, we do not compare every product from every provider at any one time in your area (beware of anyone who says they do!) . Please feel free to contact us any time to discuss the range of offers we have or to search offers now or go to the Providers links for your state below to see if we currently have offers.Gas and electricity providers South Australia, Gas and electricity providers Victoria, Gas and electricity providers New South Wales, Gas and electricity providers Queensland

Does Uchoose have offers for Small Business?

Yes. Uchoose is proud to say we are one of the first gas and electricity comparison services of this type that cater for Small Businesses in Australia. To search the current range of offers for small business in your area simply use the small business tab on the Uchoose Quickstart on this page to get started

Will my supply be interrupted if I switch gas and electricity providers?

No. The physical supply to your premise is controlled by the local network operator or the “poles and wires” business in your area. Changing your energy provider does not affect or interrupt this service.

Will my metering be affected if I switch energy providers?

No. You will not have a change in your meter, the people who read it or the frequency in which it is read.  All this is managed by the “poles and wire” business known as the local network service provider.

Does Uchoose compare electricity rates and gas offers from all energy providers?

switch energy providerUchoose does not compare every offer in the market. What we aim to do is bring a growing number of offers together in one place to create a broad range to compare and shop and we are constantly out there sourcing more offers for you to choose from.

Our aim is to make this positively easy for you and to find better value without hours of shopping around. We work on the information you’ve provided us to search and shortlist the range and give you the final choice. It’s your time, your money. It should be your choice.

We’ll even tell you to stay where you are if we can’t find you a better offer !

How do I know when I’ve switched from my old provider to my new one?

The process of switching providers is largely dependent on when the reading of your meters occurs. This may be anywhere between 10 and 90 days from when you signup and may vary for electricity and gas if you are a dual fuel customer. We will be sure to keep you informed of the progress. This may also be different if you are moving into a new premise.

Does it cost me anything to switch?

No. Even calling us from a landline on our 1800 number is free with Uchoose! Uchoose is paid a fee by Energy Providers allowing us to make this a completely free service to you  and allow us to build a service that makes comparing and choosing electricity and gas offers positively easy.

How does Uchoose compare electricity rates and offers for me to choose from?

Uchoose’s systems have been custom designed to take into account all the information you provide us including what’s most important to you in regards to savings, rewards, freedom or environmentally friendly offers. It then searches and ranks the current catalogue for the best matching offers based on the features and benefits of each offer.

Then we shortlist the best ones we have available for you to save you time whilst still leaving you the final decision. This is how we make it positvely easy ! For a bit more information on how we select offers click here or talk to one of our team by hitting the Click to Call Now button on this page

How do I know you won’t show me offers that aren’t the best ones for me?

Good question and one you should ask every service of this type ! The unique Uchoose systems take into account the facts about each offer like the tariff, the discount being applied, the offer type you’re after as well as the rest of the information you provide us. The outcome is only varied if the information you provide in preferences changes, our list of providers change or offers from the individual providers change. Most of all we underpin this with our unbiased advice guarantee meaning the Uchoose fee received from providers for you taking up an offer with us:
  • stays the same regardless of the choice of provider you choose
  • does not change based on for example the more customers we sign for any provider.
This means you have peace of mind that we’re helping you find a better electricity and gas offer that we have available in our range, not the best one for us or the one that pays us the highest fee. Beware of imitations and make sure that the choice is yours.

We’ll even tell you to stay where you are if we can’t find you a better offer !

What information do I need to provide?

Uchoose needs to gather your personal details to set up an account. Certain information from one of your most recent bills will help things move as quickly as possible. Don’t worry though we take your Privacy seriously. To view our Privacy Policy click here

What should I look for in an energy offer?

compare electricity ratesAt Uchoose we know you want to save on your energy bills. 

We also know that value comes in different forms such as customer rewards or the freedom of not being locked into a long term contract. With us you choose what matters. It’s important to note that all offers are not the same.

Things like tariffs and whether a discount is applied to the all charges or your usage only can vary from offer to offer. We think it’s important to give you all the information in a clear and easy way and give you the tools to compare electricity and gas offers so you can make an informed choice. 

For more information on what to look for click here.

What if I take up an offer and then change my mind?

Contact us to talk it through whether you’re changing your mind or just have a few more questions. Please be aware that offers from Energy Providers generally carry a 10 business day cooling off period and termination fees from your new provider may apply after this period if you change your mind.

What’s a market contract?

A market contract is also known as a negotiated agreement or a non-regulated offer. These are generally the type of agreements entered into when you switch providers for electricity and gas. It’s important to have clear and easy to understand information about the terms and conditions before you agree. This information is provided in our simple and easy signup process and will also be provided in full detail by your chosen Energy provider within a few days of accepting an offer.

What’s a regulated or standard offer?

A retailer’s regulated or standing offer are the terms and conditions applicable to your energy supply if you have not entered into a market contract with your retailer.

Can my prices move?

If you are on a market contract, your prices may vary in line with the terms and conditions of the agreement made between you and the provider. You should check your terms and conditions of any offer to be certain.

What if I’m moving into a new home?

Contact us by phone on 1800 000 445  to allow us to get the details as soon as possible and organise your connection. For more information on what you require Click here

Question not answered?

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