Electricity rates comparison with a difference!

save money compare electrictySure there are services that compare electricity rates and gas prices out there but Uchoose truly has you in mind when it comes to finding you a better electricity and gas offer.

Our aim is for you, the customer, to have the most beneficial and cost effective energy solution for your home or business, in line with the criteria that you regard as most important, whether that be bigger savings, having no contracts, getting rewards from using your supplier or using environmentally friendly energy.

Whatever is most important to you, we can help you find it with an gas or electricity offer that suits. You choose!

What makes Uchoose different?

1. Our approach and custom designed systems have been built to make choice positively easy and turn hours of shopping and research into minutes whilst still giving you the power to choose.

2. Our unbiased advice is at the heart of our business model. The fees we receive from the energy retailer (which is how we provide a free service) stay the same when you are selecting a new gas and electricity provider through Uchoose. This means we talk to you about the best offer for you from our range…not the best one for us. 

3. Rather than referring you towards a certain offer or giving you a long list that still leaves you with hours of research and a lot of questions, our customer profiling and product matching software helps finds out about your needs and preferences, does the electricity comparison and shortlists the most suitable offers, then gives you the final choice. 

4. We know you want to find savings when you compare electricity rates but we go further than that and ask you about what else matters to find a better offer for your needs and preferences whether it be freedom, being rewarded or looking after the environment.

5. We provide leading service and support backed by over 20 years energy industry experience so we know our stuff and know what’s important to you.

6. You choose how you talk to us. You can

  • either shop and switch online
  • speak to one of our team members and get a call right now by hitting the Click to Call Now button on this page
  • do both at the same time. Uchoose!
  • send us an email at offers@uchoose.com.au and we’ll call you back at a suitable time.
  • hit our Contact Us  page for more options

Talk to the energy comparison experts 

Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss the range of offers we have so you can compare electricity rates, or to search offers now simply use the Uchoose Quickstart on this page to get started.

Please note: We want to be up front with you from the start and let you know that whilst Uchoose gives you the power to choose and makes switching positively easy, we do not have every product from every provider at any one time in your area (beware of anyone who says they do!). Please feel free to contact us any time to discuss the range of offers we have or go to the links for your state at the bottom of this page to see if we currently have offers from a particular Provider.

Save money on bills by comparing electricityGas and electricity comparison made easy

Our Uchoose systems are an exciting new innovation for customers. At Uchoose we don’t just ask you details about your premise and give you a long list of offers to compare and sort through still leaving you hours of investigation. We are here to make gas and electricity comparison easy.

We also want to know what else you want in an electricity and gas offer and our systems have been designed to search for savings but also shortlist the most suitable offers we have available based on what else matters to you. Then you make the final decision! 

We take all the pain out of finding the best electricity and gas offers and still give you the power of choice. And because the algorithms in the system stay the same, the results only ever vary if
  • the information you provide us changes or
  • offers from energy providers change in the market or
  • new gas and electricity providers join Uchoose.
But unlike others in the market, we back up this innovation with unbiased advice meaning the fees we receive from gas and electricity providers for you taking an offer up;
  • do not vary if you are choosing a new provider.
  • do not change for example the more customers we sign for any provider.
This means you have peace of mind that we’re helping you find the best offer in our range for you, not the best one for us that pays us the highest fee. Beware of imitations and make sure that the choice is yours.

Find the right gas and electricity provider

If you are thinking you don’t have the time to switch and that it is just too much hassle, then think again.

By using our Uchoose system all you need is a copy of your current energy bill and an internet connection, to find out how much you can save by going through a better provider that is suited to your individual circumstances and energy needs.

compare electricity providersJust enter a few simple details and within moments you will be presented with a concise list of the best electricity provider options in our range of providers available to you, all well-organised for ease of perusal and being able to compare electricity rates and offers.

Then it’s just a question of making the right choice for you. It can all be done online after which you will receive a follow up phone call, or, alternatively you can call us to clarify any questions and set up your new service over the phone, based in Brisbane, we have people in Australia who can answer local questions with current local information.

All it takes is a small amount of effort on your end and you will reap the long term rewards of savvy gas and electricity provider shopping around by letting Uchoose do all the work. But, don’t just take our word for it, our happy customers can attest to the Uchoose difference: 

Michelle S, from Lake Macquarie, NSW is very satisfied with her new energy retailer obtained through us.
  •  ”Just wanted to say how useful I found your service, Uchoose, for my recent relocation. I wanted an unbiased comparison for my energy to guarantee I was going to receive the best value for my money and this is exactly what happened. Keep up the good work!”

Leesha C, from Kirrawee, NSW is also glad she used Uchoose: 
  • “I would like to thank you very much for getting back to me. Your professional approach is outstanding. I would also like to thank Finn for his kindness in explaining the savings I will now be getting. I would highly recommend your company to all my family and friends.”

If you’d like to see more testimonials and keep up to date with the latest developments in the energy sector, or find out more about us please see more at our Facebook page.

Energy comparison for your advantage

With the constant price rises in the market, gas and electricity energy comparison companies have been set up with the infrastructure to deal directly with you, the consumer, which means you get better deals on your energy for your home or business. Being able to compare electricity rates in the market and the energy offers that are best suited to you quickly through an unbiased group means you have all the information at hand to make decisions that aid your budget and your expenditure. You choose, you save!

Shopping around through a reputable comparison company means you will find a gas and electricity offer that is perfect for your use, whether it for your home or your business.

Australia’s energy consumers are increasingly worried about rising energy costs and the implications this has on their over-all cost of living. People are right to worry as latest reports have the energy sector heading in the wrong direction increasing confusion, hiking prices and creating a difficult situation to know what’s best for your needs.

In theory, deregulation is meant to improve market competition leading to more fluctuation in power company prices resulting in increased benefits for energy consumers and greater choice. 

Make the best of the situation and get the most suitable price and package for your particular circumstances by getting unbiased comparisons tailored to your specific situation courtesy of Uchoose, contact us today and see how we can help you save!