You choose what matters to you in electricity and gas

At Uchoose we know you want to save on your energy bills but we also know that for many customers, value of electricity providers can also come in other ways such as freedom of not being locked into a long term contract, customer rewards,or good old customer service.

When you compare electricity rates with us you choose what’s importantHere are some considerations when choosing the best gas and electricity providers in our range have to offer:

  • do you mind fixed term agreements or do you prefer the freedom of no fixed term.
  • the tariffs and prices that are charged.
  • the time periods for different tariffs eg peak / off peak.
  • the level of discount that is applied to the offer.
  • is the discount applied to all charges or your energy usage only.
  • are there rewards for signing up or being loyal.
  • do you prefer dealing with the same retailer for both your electricity and gas.
  • what type of customer service do you want from the electricity provider.
Tell us what matters to you and we’ll take the work out of shopping around and make it positively easy to compare our range of electricity and gas offers and make an informed choice. To search for a new electricity provider and compare electricity rates simply use the Uchoose Quickstart on this page to get started.
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Canstar Blue™ Energy Provider surveys on Uchoose.

Canstar Blue is an exciting new initiative of CANSTAR, one of the country’s leading ratings company. Canstar Blue’s goal is to help consumers make the right choices by promoting product excellence. Canstar Blue ratings are based on customer satisfaction, hence the tag line ‘by consumers for consumers’.

If you would like more information on value, service and satisfaction ratings on various electricity providers, then you may like to take a look at the latest independent ratings listed in the Canstar Blue™ survey results.

State Fuel
NSW Electricity Gas
VIC Electricity Gas
SA Electricity Gas
QLD Electricity No survey
Please note: These quick links to survey results in each state are provided  for your convenience. Although Canstar Blue™ has provided access to this information please remember this is an independent third party site.  Uchoose does not make any representation or provide any warranty in relation to their site, content or results. Keep in mind Canstar Blue™ does not provide ratings for all electricity providers nor does their absence in the survey reflect in any way their levels of customer service. Tell us what matters to you and we’ll take the work out of shopping around and at the same time give you all the information in a clear and easy way and give you the tools to compare electricity rates to make an informed choice. To start searching for a new offer simply use the Uchoose Quickstart on this page to get started

Tips to compare electricity rates and offers

Energy tariffs and prices can fluctuate at the discretion of utility companies. Price rises often  depend on market energy rates, which can be affected by gas market fluctuations and the fall-out from any unforeseen weather events, economic conditions and so on.

When you are deciding on a gas or electricity provider or doing electricity comparison you may find that your needs will often alter with changes in your life, so your priorities will also differ from time to time.

We know you are after the best energy offer, a great way to start is to decide on is whether a fixed or no-fixed contract would suit your circumstances better, then look at other options for usage periods, discounts and reward incentives.

Pros and Cons of Fixed Term Utility Contracts
Pros and Cons of No Fixed Term Utility Contracts
Off-Peak and Peak Usage Periods
Rewards and Discounts!

Need both gas and electricity providers?

expensive electricity

When considering energy providers for gas and electric services consider what matters more to you:

  • Simplified billing all with the one gas and electricity provider
  • Cheap prices above all else
  • Customer service satisfaction

If you are a bargain hunter you may prefer to check around and go with two separate gas and electricity providers to get the best rock-bottom price for each individual utility service. The only problem with this is you will receive two separate bills usually at different times which may cause confusion later on and mess up your budgeting efforts.

However, if you prefer to keep your affairs simplified and orderly then opting for one utility provider is the way to go and you won’t necessarily end up paying more than if you were to go with two separate companies.

See for yourself what options are available and get the best electricity rates by using our free gas and electricity comparison Quick Start form.

The Uchoose Team

Our management team all come from various areas of the energy sector and have a wealth of experience behind them ranging from energy retailer companies to sales channel businesses and Telco’s. This wide skill-set and array of knowledge means you benefit from specialists who know all the ins-and-outs of the Australian energy market. 

The Uchoose “one-stop shop” model is the brainchild of Founder Murray, a veteran of the energy sector with 10 years of experience in consumer sales and marketing working for Energy Australia and Country Energy, two of NSW biggest power supply companies.

“[We] bring together the range of products, the unbiased and expert advice into a central location that empowers the customer with the choice of what they want in an offer, when they want to take it up and the choice to do this online or speaking to a Uchoose consultant. This is the Uchoose vision. To do this we have brought together a management team of experienced business builders with a proven track record in delivering customer focused products and solutions on the back of best practice service delivery to both the customer and provider.”

 Murray , Founder, Uchoose Holdings Ltd