Unbiased advice puts the power in your hands.

Uchoose is a free electricity comparison service for Australian households and businesses. We are able to offer this service due to our partnerships with major and minor Australian energy suppliers.

Why is this electricity comparison service free?

Uchoose’s gas and electricity comparison service is free for you to use, we provide unbiased advice and support for you through the following methods. We let you know how the energy provider fees are given to us in complete transparency and honesty of our service.

When a customer takes up an electricity comparison offer via our website or contact centre, we receive a fee from the energy provider. Unlike other comparison services which receive different fees from different providers, the Uchoose fee stays the same across the board if you are choosing a new provider.

This means you not only keep the power of choice in your hands, but you also benefit from the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are helping you find a better offer  that we may have available ideal for your particular situation, not the best energy package for us, or the one which will give us the highest return. 

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Electricity comparison for your best interests

Here at Uchoose we understand that doing business and retaining customers is very much about respect, transparency, building trust and fostering good relations. From the moment you contact us we act accordingly in your best interests.

We treat our customers as people, not numbers. We do not eagerly court you to get your business and then forget all about you once you’ve signed up. With Uchoose you will enjoy personalised, efficient service and clear communication from the initial inquiry phase, through to joining, right up until your contract, or plan with us ends.

We will make sure you are informed as to all your options and given honest, accurate information, so you can be comfortable in your final decision.

Uchoose makes gas and electricity comparison easy.

Unlike other gas and electricity comparison services that may encourage you towards a particular offer, (that’s perhaps better for them) or those that simply provide you with a shopping list that compares electricity rates and offers to spend more hours of research on, Uchoose provides you with a positively easy process that saves you plenty of time and still gives you the power to choose. 

save money compare electrictyOnce you’ve filled out the Quick Start form, compared all your options from our range of providers and selected your offer we’ll take care of the rest with your new provider. What could be easier!

You can shop and switch online, call our service centre, or do both at the same time. Uchoose!  Uchoose also knows that while reducing energy costs is the leading reason to shop and switch for customers, there may be more to consider before switching electricity and gas providers and committing to an offer.

You might like to consider such questions as:

  • Do I like to be rewarded for becoming a customer and being loyal to my energy provider?
  • Am I happy to commit to a fixed term for bigger savings, or do I like my freedom to change?

You tell us what matters and from there our custom designed systems do the work by showing you the best matching offers based on your needs and preferences. Then you make the final decision. After all it’s your time and money so it should be your choice.

Please note: We want to be up front with you from the start and let you know that whilst Uchoose gives you the power to choose by providing you with the broadest range of gas and electricity providers rates and offers to make switching positively easy, we do not compare every product from every provider at any one time in your area (you should beware of anyone who says they do!).

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss the range of offers we have, or to search and compare electricity rates now. You are welcome to go to the providers links for your state at the bottom of this page to see if we currently have offers ideal for you.

Uchoose is Australian owned and Brisbane based.

The Uchoose founders have worked in the Australian energy industry for over 20 years in some of the largest energy retailers in Australia. In 2011 they saw the need to create a service for consumers that was:

  • Positively easy.
  • Truly unbiased in its advice and support.
  • Able to take the hard work and confusion out of finding the best value.
  • A business that offers high quality service with the customer in mind.

Uchoose is an unlisted public company governed by the Corporations Act of 2001.  It is managed by a team of experienced energy sector professionals and a board of directors headed by founder and Managing Director Murray.

Murray has an esteemed background within the Australian energy sector. He honed his talents and business-savvy over 15 years in leadership roles within the realms of consumer sales and marketing by running teams of up to 125 people. 10 of these years were spent in the employ of 2 of NSW largest energy suppliers, Country Energy and Energy Australia.

How did the Uchoose compare electricity idea come about?

The idea for Uchoose came about in 2001. The seed of inception was placed when Murray noticed electricity costs were rising on an ongoing basis across the board, Australia-wide. These price hikes became the norm, not the exception and they were pushing people to reconsider their options and switch their electricity providers more often.

Murray realised there was an opportunity within the energy comparison services as it hadn’t yet been occupied by a business with the customer at the centre of considerations. As he had years of experience working for major Australian energy players Murray brought together a team of professional, well-suited professionals with the relevant skill-sets to bring Uchoose to life.