Uchoose becomes finalist in Australia’s inaugural 2015 Trust Awards

Uchoose is excited to announce that it has won a place as a finalist in the inaugural 2015 Australian Trust Awards in the category of Most Trusted Retailer (The businesses trusted to provide best shopping experience).

To vote for Uchoose it’s a quick and easy process ( just like ours to help you shop choose and switch to a better energy offer). Just click herefind the Uchoose Logo and hit vote. 

The Australian Trust Awards 2015 is not just looking for the businesses that are posting the highest profits or getting the most coverage in the press but judged on the most important factor of all – how much does its customers trust it?

Because trust between a customer and a business is the most precious transaction of all, it’s the foundation upon which every successful company is based.

“This is very exciting for us as a business because trust is at the heart of our business model and being a finalist based on customer nominations is extremely rewarding.” CEO Murray Eivers states.

The team at Uchoose believe trust is at the top of the list with any business and in particular services such as ours where customers depend on our advice to help compare electricity and gas offers. That’s why as a market first we launched Uchoose in 2013 to receive the same fee from its providers no matter who we recommend to customers! That means with Uchoose the customer can trust we find the best offer for them….not us !  In an industry where varying fees and performance bonuses are commonplace in brokers and comparison services what could be more trustworthy than that! 

The Australian Trust Awards are won by the business that gathers the most votes by the people who matter most – customers and staff members. These are the people who will see and feel how much a business values them.

Whether you’ve used our service or not, if you think it’s important for a business to be trustworthy the team at Uchoose would love your support by taking less than a minute to vote for Uchoose and its business model in the Australian Trust Awards 2015.

Voting closes May 11th 2015. For more information on the Trust Awards go to http://www.thetrustawards.com/